SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Veronika arkadevna Ilina

First name: Veronika arkadevna
Last name: Ilina
Age: 34
Location: Russia /Moscow Region/ reutov city
Address: street gagarina, house 6, apartment 3,zip code 143960
Phone: 0079200179455
On websites: zoosk dating and
Report:     she has contact me via Zoosk dating, and we have been in contact via her email since 6.2.2013, she asked for money, I have sent money to her and she promise to come visit, now she find anything possible to get more money. when I I asked her to send my money back, she would not send my money back. Today on 6.3.2013 I got mail from her as saying she will not pay my money back, I have all email from her and her photo
Status of report: is still without proof