Scam report about Kimberly Rain Reiff

First name:  Kimberly Rain
Last name:  Reiff
Aka:  Liz James, Elizabeth James
Age:  30
Location:  Australia, Brisbane / Australia, Blackall / USA, LA
On websites:
Report:  I was contacted by Liz James on the Adult Friend Finder (AFF) dating site. She requested private email communication and we exchanged emails and photos. Despite her being 30 and beautiful, she professed attraction for my maturity and experience at age 65. We corresponded on Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk instant messaging sites. During this time, I was actually in hospital having surgery on my foot. She revealed that she was in LA in the US having completed a modelling contract. She was due to return to Brisbane soon and we made arrangements to meet in Brisbane and I even scheduled a post-op appointment with my surgeon on a day to cooincide with her being in town. Shortly, before she was to come home, she began to question my committment to her and said the only way I could show it was to get engaged. When I balked at that, she said she suggested that because it involved a financial commitment. Instead, she decided I would have to buy her plane ticket home. I wouldn't agree citing prudence against scammers as we had not even met. She backed down without specifying whether I was to buy the ticket directly or send her the money. Then she presented a problem she was having in LA. She claimed that she was to be paid $600,000 for the modelling work she had completed, but had been given a check for $850,000 because her agent had exercised an option in the contract to add some work in London. She did not want to do this work, but didn't know what to do. I didn't believe her at all, but advised her to deposit the check at the bank it was drawn on and wire the $250,000 back to the agent as soon as it cleared. She said the contract called some some severe penalties against the first $600,000 if she refused the option, but I suggested she let a lawyer begotiate that whilst the money was in her possession. I also suggested she determine if the check was good as soon as possible. Needless to say, the next day she was tearfully telling me that the check was no good and the agent had fled with her money and now she owed the hotel where she was staying $1200 and she didn't have a ticket to get home - only a receipt for a deposit against a first class ticket back. There were a long series on conversations where I would not send her any money, but only would advise her of ways to solve her problem. In order to establish her identity, she sent me a poor quality scan of a US passport in her name. It turned out to be poor quality, because the scan was done by some loan shark she had borrowed money from who was holding her passport as security. Then a travel agent used her $2000 deposit of the ticket home to book her an economy ticket at too high a price based on what was available and she couldn't get a refund. it ended up that she wanted me to send her $300 so she could get home to me. I would not and she broke off contact. I later found the pictures she had sent me on your site under the scammer name Kimberly Rain Reiff.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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