SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Valentina Sokolova

First name: Valentina
Last name: Sokolova
Age: 43
Location: Ukraine, Zaparoschye
Address: Gagarina street 3
On websites: all
Report:     She pretends to agree to a meeting and ask you to send money for apartment 12 days. I lost 515 Euro on an useless airticket to KIEV and ..... forAN APRTMENT WHICH DON'T EXCIST. LETTER hello my XX, How are you? How is your mood today? Honey,yes you can buy the ticket.......) My sweety you shouldn't worry on the apartment ,the realtor my friend of mother and it helps us with the apartment but it is necessary to pay quickly ))))))))))) Honey,here all information as it is possible to transfer money: Money Gram will be cheaper to use. I have called at their office here, in my city and I talked with the manager, she said that for transferring money ,here you will need to find Money Gram at your place, go there and give them the following info about me: My first name -Valentina, my last name- Sokolova, Country -Ukraine, City- Zaporozhye My address- str. Gagarina 3, Zip code:69000, After making a transfer you will receive mts number (it will consist of numbers) and you will have to give it to me too as I won't be abe to pick your money without knowing it. I will be able to get your transfer in 15-30 minuter after you made it. So, everything seems not very complicated. You know, I love you more and more with each new day!! I think it is crazy how I never thought that I would wake up one morning and have fallen in love. Every day I write to you and every day I think of you and it makes me happier and happier knowing that I can spend the rest of my life with you. I know I will never have to worry about losing you because I know that you will never leave me. I will know it for sure when I look in your eyes. I love you. Love is like the wind; I can't see it, but I feel it. I don?t see you and touch you, but I know that I love you and I feel your love as well. It's so real. I never thought that I could ever love anyone as much as I love you. You are my one and only. One day, when we are old and gray, sitting on our porch in our rocking chairs, we'll be able to think back to all the fun we've had. We can think of how we stayed with each other through thick and thin. We can think of all the fights we've had, and how we always got back together. Our fights are what make us grow stronger and, if I could change one thing about our relationship it would be that we would never get old; that way I could spend eternity with you. I love you. You are my heart, my soul, and my life. LETTER My darling XX, How are you today? Honey, as for the flat. I have met with realtor and she gave me different photos of appartments she has. So, I am sending you the one which I liked more. It will cost 40$ per night. But there is such a rule to pay beforehand for all days you are going to stay there. Only in such case we will be able to book this flat. You can count the whole price for all days. You will send money to me and I will sign contract with realtor and pay for all days. What do you think? We have a real spring weather today. It is not very warm of course, but sun is shining brightly and I am very glad that we have lived through winter as it is always very complicated for me. You are my soul, my heart, my guardian angel. I am leaving to see granny today. So, will write back in Monday Have a great weekend , Love you, yours Valentina Love always,Valentina
Status of report: is still without proof