Scam report about Tanya 

First name:  Tanya
Age:  28
Location:  Russian, Myshkin, Yaroslavskaya Oblast.
On websites:
Report:  several days ago a strange email laid in my mailbox and when I open it, it turned out to be a beautiful Russian girl,It has been more than 2 weeks for us to contact with each other through the email. at the beginning, I did notice something strange that every time she attached one or two pics in the email, firstly I didn't pay attention to her,you know, in general the scammers always asked for something during first several days but no more than 1 week, she did it as a perfect job, when she send me several emails but no request I gradually consider her real and she was planning to see me and asked the name and address and the name of airport. I did be going to pick her up in the airport next week and I just search the city with she provided with me via google, what happened and surprised me is I open your website and I notice that she must be a scammer, I would like share all the letters with you guys to prevent others to be cheated, maybe more than 10 letters and nearly 20 pics

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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