Scam report about Olga Mihailowna Scherbinina

First name:  Olga Mihailowna
Last name:  Scherbinina
Age:  28
Location:  Nizhny Novgorod,Russia
Address:  2/18 Pervmaiskaya street, Merishkino village
Phone:  +79250205408
On websites:  Girls date for free , flirt ,cupid
Report:  Hi Guy,s I am another fool LOL ,had met this young lady late december on flirt dating site ,had got bored over Christmass and join for a bit of fun ,alarm bells should have rang when she starts falling in love in acouple of weeks ,she had dragged it out over 3 months and decided she was going to come to Australia,had spoke to her on the phone ,and many emails ,19 pictures . I said yeah that would be great but wasnt quite ready for to come ,but she sarted to prepare getting a visa ,then the first soby email I need $700 for registration and visa aplication ,said she was selling all her stuff for the tickets here about $1300 at the time ,so I sent the $700 AU ,found out latter it only costs about $50 then acouple weeks go by and she emails and shows me aline flights about 3 flights to get here being allready suspect on extreme visa cost witch I had checked with ImmI ,shewas going to turn up in a few days I had cheched all the flights and they appeared to stack up ,and thought ok she might be for real ! then on the day she was suposed to fly out I get a phone call and an email saying customs wont let out because she needs to show $2500 + $70 registratation fee ? Have her fake documents ,from Immi in Moscow

Status of report:  is still without proof

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