Scam report about Elena 

First name:  Elena
Age:  29
Location:  Russia Orel
Report:  My love, it I again write to you the letter. I have for you very bad News. I do not know as you, - everyone explain it, I thought, that I shall be Have money for my documents but when I have come home which I have only 50 euro, but I should pay this money for the Internet and As will go on products, my wages it will be not fast. I today have asked be relative Work in loans of money which I could pay, but to me, has told, cannot give. It to me will not allow. In me very small earnings which I have Any additional money I thought, that could pay and so to borrow money, But it seemed very bad, it - do me little bit suppressed and Disappointed I have no such plenty of money. I was, declare but me Should pay for it. I have asked my mother about our savings, she has told that Money should not be a barrier between two people which love everyone Another. I have asked my friends about the help to me, and they have told, that it has no At the moment. I have asked advice, my mother and she have told it Probably you can help me because you love me!!! I want to inform you concerning cost for travel to you. I to you want to inform for arrival to you to me all over again it will be necessary to make the visa. And after the visa to me it will be necessary to buy the ticket to you. I learned about it in agency. To me in agency informed that the total cost of the visa together with the ticket will cost 750 euro. I hope you have understood about it. I bring the apologies if I to you have a little upset. Simply I want to arrive to you and to be with you. I love you. Whether my love now I want I want you you can ask to help with the visa and the ticket??? You can send me of money for the visa and the ticket 750 euro??? Inform me it as soon as possible?? 100% positive of scam...

Status of report:  will be added soon

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