Scam report about Safi Yildirim

First name:  Safi
Last name:  Yildirim
Age:  36
Location:  Ankara (Turkey)
On websites:  Unknown
Report:  Hi my love Daniel! I have gotten your warm words from your answer on my last message my darling! My dear, my love Daniel, in my last e-mail I have told you about my love feelings to you, Daniel, I wrote this message with so close love feelings to you, dearest, I didn't can to hide my love to you, my soul prompted me that I must to tell about my love to you, because it is so difficult to hide a close feelings to love man, Daniel. I love you, Daniel, and I want to say to you that, please, don't discharge me from you, Daniel. Daniel, it's so pity for me that our messages connect us only, I want to see you in reality my Daniel. I so want it, darling! Our e-mails connect our close love feelings to each other, our messages are our rescue with boredom and from all of boring things. I want to say to you my darling that I can't without your messages now Daniel, your e-mails are necessary for me so much my Daniel, I love it and I love you my dearest Daniel!!! My love Daniel, I want to say that my parents and my best friends Irina and JAmes are very happy for us my love Daniel, they are all time ask about you, about your feelings to me and I don't worry say about our love feelings now, because I don't want to hide my love to you from everybody my Daniel, I have found sense of my life my Daniel, I LOVE YOU AND I MISS YOU BADLY, DARLING! My love Daniel, I want to say to you that my colleagues on my job are very happy for us too! In total all my colleagues says me that they are very glad for us too, but one of the employees say about me very bad things too, she is Raisa, she is 44 years old. She is not so good woman, she gossips about me that I am not considerable woman, because I found you my Daniel in Internet and she considers that it's not good my Daniel, because she said that in their past live time, boys found the girls and that it was better than in present time, when in more cases girls find boys. I was so bad from Raisa's words my Daniel, because I think that she is not right, realy my Daniel? I think that man can chose like woman or woman can chose like man if they want it mutual, really Daniel? I think that we have mutual love feelings and it is better of all when the loving each other people love each other mutual, I think that it is an important fact of love about reciprocity. Really my Daniel, is our feelings mutual??? I think from our messages that it's true my Daniel. Also I want to say to you that Raisa doesn't have a husband, she lives one, she considers that all men do not deserve her attention because, I think, that she is not simple in herself soul, I think that she think very high about herself simply, she think that all men is silly men, it's her opinion only, I don't know why she think so bad about men, why??? My dearest, did you meet such, I think, silly peoples as Raisa the ideas of which is not right in my opinion. I think that she is not right in that she said about men!!! I think that this woman is egoist woman, I think that you will agree with me my Daniel. But I don't want to say about this woman to you in all because it is so boring for me. Ok? I want to speak about us my dear. My Daniel, I want to say to you that my parents so happy that we met each other, I say you again and again about it!!! I have consulted with my coming to you, I want to say to you that from my words about it my mom and dad were so surprised too, they asked me, am I sure about my coming to you, and I have answered that I can't without you and I have decided to be with you, Daniel, all my life too. My mom and dad have agreed with me, because they understand that I can't without you, and also they have told me as they love each other when they were young people too. I want to say to you that my mom and dad have asked me to say to you a warmth hello from them again and again! They wish us a good life together too! The fact in that Irina have a good aunt Kumsal in Istanbul which, possible, will can help me with an information about my coming to you in your country Daniel in future soon! Also I want to say to you that Irina aunt Kumsal has helped to Irina at once when Irina and James have met each other in Internet, when James asked Irina to come to him in Australia. Irina aunt Kumsal has helped to Irina with all information for need necessary documents for the Irina coming to Australia to James. This aunt Kumsal works in one of the individual travel firm in Istanbul. It's so positively for us because she will can to help me with all important detailed things of information about all necessary documents for my future coming to you in your country my love Daniel. Also I want to remind that Irina and James will go to Australia soon, as I said you earlier, because James want it, Irina want it too, they decided about it earlier. And Irina will address to her aunt Kumsal about all necessary information for coming to Australia too, and Irina will can ask Kumsal about all necessary information for the documents and prices of my coming to you in your country. Irina will try to connect with Kumsal in Istanbul soon on days, and will ask about all important information too! James and Irina say to you a friend greetings again and again my Daniel, and hope that we will together soon too! They are so happy, and happy for us my love Daniel. Also I want to say to you my Daniel that it's so good that Irina and James, and also me and you my Daniel found each other by the Internet, I think that the Internet is the assistant in everything, in Internet people can find any information, and it's important that the people can to fall in love by the Internet. I so love you my darling, I'm sure in my love with you so much, and I want to say to you that with every day I want to be with you more and more my Daniel, I love you so much dear, I can't without you my Daniel, you are so necessary for me Daniel, I love you, Daniel!!!!!!!!! I am ready To apply all my forces on our meeting. I think, that we should have a meeting so or Differently, because we should know each other better. The meeting in the person will help to us to make serious steps in our life. You agree with me? I was very resolutely adjusted to a meeting with you. I shall find out the information as soon as possible. I shall inform you immediately as soon as I shall have the necessary information. I so am excited about our meeting. I understand, that I can not to hide tears for pleasure at our meeting from my eyes. You only do not pay attention If I shall cry in day of our meeting. OK? You promise me? I so want To have sensation of your man's hands. So your caress is necessary for me. I want to feel your care. I then shall be the happiest woman in the world! I shall try to do by that happy the man in the world! I want, that we Now went towards to our love. I want, that our meeting was a first step To happy joint life!!!! Let's do our life happy and long! I want, that the union of our hearts was strong! I want to care of you, I want to love you all my female heart. I do not want, that something prevented us in life. But without it is impossible, therefore we should overcome all. Our love should overcome all! Also my Daniel, on days, possible tomorrow or after tomorrow, I want to go to the church that I must thank God that we found each other my love, I so thank our God, I know that God helped us to find you my Daniel, I know about it, Daniel! My darling, on this I will end my e-mail to you, I will wait for your next emails with my great love desire!!! You must know, Daniel, how I feel so happy myself when I read your messages my darling! Well, I must be off my Daniel, I will think about you Daniel so much, I love you, and I want to be with you as soon as possible my love Daniel!!!!! Truly, kisses and hugges your love, Safi. P.S. I am very glad to receive your photo. It for me so is pleasant for seeing that you understand, that I very much want to see your person as possible more often. I very much want that you send to me your photos more often because at you such courageous features and you such beautiful the man you are not similar on one of which men I know here in Turkey - not on my colleagues, on my familiar. You very beautiful the man and for me it is slightly strange why you till now have remained one and are compelled to search to yourselves for the girlfriend under the Internet, I think women in your city are blind that do not notice you. I think if you lived in my city that I I think would not pass by you when would meet you in the street. Your person installs in me confidence, in that that you may protect any woman from any danger. I would like that near to me such person was.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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