Scam report about hellen weller

First name:  hellen
Last name:  weller
Aka:  keep's changing name's after deleting you
Age:  31
Location:  unted kindom but say's she isin nigeria africa working for world healthorganization
Address:  d/n
Phone:  234-809-5299153 447-035-917229 234-818-27800997
On websites:  zoosk and email
Report:  promised to fly from nigera to become my wife if i sent her money for plain ticket so i sent 1,000 she never came when i asked why she said ins gave her some kind of paper's to fill witch she did not understand so i told her to email them to me so she did so i let on like i knew the were just for idenaty paper's to see what she would say and she said no honey i said what you mean no she said they say i need 800.00 more money for traveler's cash or can not enter into the U.S.A. it was a new law they passed in Nigeria so i said well i don't have no more just get the money back and keep 200.00 for food and send me the other 800.00 back i also got a fake check she had some one send to me from new york she is also involed in with a guy name Tim Elgersma because he was a friend with me till she deleted me so did he because he had two girl'son his face book named Kimberly Elliot and Kimberly Montes who he claim's to be in are in a relationship with so check him out also he has a brother named Tom they were on face book but could have got off by now that's the name she gave me i have photo's nude and clothed

Status of report:  is still without proof

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