Scam report about Mary Parker

First name:  Mary
Last name:  Parker
Age:  Mid twenties
Location:  Africa. Benin
Phone:  917 426 7334. Text machine
On websites:  Hook
Report:  Got a email introducing herself as Mary Parker,said she got my email thru Hook up ..Said she was a wedding planner and was in Benin Africa doing a wedding for 45 k...Then a couple of days she emailed me and said someone stole her wallet at the Hotel room..She was paid she claimed in a check but couldn't cash it there cause all her ID was stolen..She claimed she lived in Brooklyn and needed money for her flight back home,she sent me alot of pictures of home.Like a dumb fuck I sent her over 1200 dollars not to her cause she had no ID to pick it up at Western Union ,but to a African named Mr Asuni Muyideen that worked at the hotel helping her out...Only to find out I was totally taken...I haven't heard from her since..Her last text was you don't love me and don't care what happens to me ,and then a quick Fuck You and that was it ,,haven't heard from her since,it's been over 2 weeks now...I know I'm not the only guy that fell for this,,she's very pretty and I'm pretty dumb....LOL

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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