First name: Anna
Last name: Medvedeva
Age: 28
Location: Ufa
Address: Sovetskaya
On websites: Yahoo
Report:     Very good scammer. Actuly reads you're mails and answers them. Talks to you on Skype Even will call you and, speak on phone. Sent me every thing I asked for including copy of pass port, utility bill. And I asked for A picture of her with a statue at the British embassy in Moscow when she went to get visa, Ok I was mugged for 400 euros, then I get a call from some one claming to be from the British embassy a Jason Taylor who asked did I no her then asked for more money from me As she did not have enough to come to uk. I bet you no what I told him yes f..... Off That did the trick, Should have said that to her, never again.
Status of report: is still without proof