Scam report about Tatyana Klementeva

First name:  Tatyana
Last name:  Klementeva
Age:  30
Location:  Bryansk, Russia
Address:  Kalinin 96 apartment 10 index 242700
Phone:  7953-484-21-08
On websites:  Personal emails
Report:  Letter 1 Hi there, dude! How life treats you? I am Tatyana. I 'm a lonely woman wanting stable love story. I 'm sweet and sociable. My nearest and dearest believe I am well-tempered, well-bred, courteous, good-looking and reliable, too. I swear I feel uneasy to say such things about myself but I believe we will be able to find many things in common! I simply adore sea and beaches. I cannot live without spending time in the countryside. I like preparing food ? my friends keep telling that I can cook very well and they gobbling my dishes. I hope you will enjoy it, too! I 'm tired of being lonely, I say it to let you understand why I want to find a guy to love me and take care of me. If you are seeking a sincere and sensible girl, bear in mind I am waiting for your answer to my letter. Write me as soon as possible, please! I pray you fancied me and I could make you interested and that our talk will go on. I believe we can know each other better letters to each other. I send you my pics. I hope that you will fancy them! I will soon send you more of them if you want to see them. I'll wait for your answer and your pics. I be a burden for you, I just want you to write me if you are interested in me. I hope that my message was a long awaited sign for you and you wish to continue communicating with me! With all my love, Tatyana. Letter 2 Hi, My name is Tatyana, well, can just Tanya, as saying that I'm looking for happiness and love. I think it's worth a try. If our communication fails - we do not lose anything. We will not hurry up and get ahead. We can know each other gradually. I think the best way to start a chat - it does tell you much about yourself. I've never been married. I am 30 years old, I work as an architect. I dream of family happiness. I think that love and family is central to the life of any person. I can talk about a lot, well, I want to hear about you. so now I will finish my letter. I'll wait for your new letter. Tatyana Letter 3 I write you now from the worker a place, From where you write to me? It so is new and it is interesting to me. But before we will continue our dialogue, I want to tell to you one thing. I do not love a deceit. Any deceit will be opened sooner or later. As I spoke I search the man with whom I will spend the life rest. Please forgive me, but I only want that we understood each other. I do not search for game or something similar. I think, our life is too short for games. Life is given only once and I want to have kind, good and happy life. Today I will give to you a little the personal information on me. , you live in what city, what weather now at you in a city? I live in the city of Bryansk. You can look on card Gogle, it is a city there are approximately 350 kilometres from Moscow. I was born in this city of Bryansk, I like mine a city I live in it, you live that city where were born? I like to listen to music style music to depend from mood. I do not have special preference. I can hear any music. My letters help you to learn me. I also will send you my pictures. I think, pictures it is very important. You can ask that to you is interesting I will answer you questions. Now we with you at all do not know each other. To you there is a feeling is a curiosity. It is interesting to me to continue acquaintance to you, and I hope that my letter does not become finishing in our dialogue Now I should return to my work. unfortunately, I have no possibility to write to you from the house. Have good day, Tatyana Letter 4 How are you doing? How is the weather your city? I hope, all is good. At me all is fine. As I have told to you, I read and I write to you from my office. Today as soon as I have come for work, first of all I have turned on my computer and have checked up mine email. I think that a difference between our age, there will be what an obstacle. And we can communicate and tell about about each other. Mine growth of 1.67 centimetres, weight of 52 kg. 30 years as I spoke to me I was born on May, 1st. 1982. I do not have children, I was married when. And your letter has forced me to smile. I read your letters with a great interest. I would like to communicate with you more, but unfortunately, our letters is all that we have now. On the working computer I have no skype and other programs for a chat. My boss says that on work it is necessary to work, instead of is engaged in on foreign affairs. I hope, you understand me - I do not want to have problems with my heads. But it will be very fast in my apartment the Internet and I will buy the laptop. Why there is no Internet house as the house was constructed not for a long time and has passed with all not enough time after construction of the house and the company has not spent the Internet in the house. , thus, we can communicate more often. I do not know as it will be fast. Can be next month. I work as the architect, I think that you know that for a trade, I like my work. I create the project on buildings. I think, each person loves good news and a positive. I the optimist, I do not want to think of the bad. We do not know, That for us waits in the future, but I will be to be trusted that in the future with us to happen only good things. In my following letter I will tell to you about my family. I will wait your letter. Tatyana Letter 5 Hello my friend, how is your mood today, I'm so glad that that my weekend starts today and I can take a break from the hard work to sit at home to watch a movie, meet her friends .. My working day is over, I could not write to you before, well, now, before I left, I am writing you a letter. I want to wish you a good weekend. On Monday, I'm waiting on an email that you did on the weekend. Waiting for a letter Monday Letter 6 In my city Bryansk snow, and everywhere pools in the street thaws. Temperature +4 degrees. At last it is possible to feel that that the spring as all snow will thaw has begun. How you slept today? And my mobile number +7953-484-21-08. , now I want to tell to you about the parents and simply sister: I have younger sister Marina, she lives with my parents. I have moved to separate apartment because my parents live in small two-room apartment. My parents not rich people and for me money not the most important thing. But I adult enough to live separately. I often visit my parents. I very much love my family. My sister - my good friend. She still goes to school. My mum Svetlana does not work it 71 years. My father Kostya it worked earlier as the welder well now on pensions. Mitchell to me it is curious that you do at present. Recently I think of you. It is interesting to me that you do when I write you the letter. Now I have a break, I drink tea with chocolate and I read your letter. I would like to drink tea or coffee with you or to descend in theatre, a museum or at cinema and simply to spend time in dialogue, it would be fine, if we could drink together coffee at lunch. We could stir, joke and laugh. What do you think of it? You can present it? I hope, sometime it happens. What films it is pleasant to you? between us distance, but it not a problem for us, would be desire! I like our dialogue and I want to develop it. I am opened with you and I am ready to answer any your question. I can pass your question, therefore do not become angry about me and ask me again. Do not forget, I write to you from my work. I am glad that I have found such pleasant interlocutor. I hope that you understand mine English, I do not suppose many errors as for a long time did not write in English. I hope, my letters are not boring for you. I simply try to tell about my impressions which I have. You have really brought new emotions in my life. And I am very glad to it. To tomorrow. Tatyana Letter 7 Hello . Thanks for your words. I am very glad that between us there is an understanding. It is very important in dialogue. Now I have a break and I Kapychina. I have used free time to write to you. Usually I read your letter in the morning as soon as I come to my office. Reading of your letter cheers me up. And during the day I think of your words, I think of you. I can answer you at once if I do not have urgent affairs. But sometimes I answer you later. Therefore if you do not receive my letter at once, please do not worry. Do not think that I do not want to write to you. I want to write to you about much. I have many thoughts about which I want to tell to you. But in the letter it is impossible to write all that I think also all that I feel. If we could communicate in a reality, it would be fine. I think, there is nothing better than real dialogue. I want to tell that that it is possible to write each other hundreds letters, but it never will replace one real meeting. In a reality always it is possible to understand tone and mood of the interlocutor. In a reality it is possible to take a hand, to look in eyes, to embrace or kiss. I hope, I do not frighten you of my desires. Yes, you for me are more than simply pleasant interlocutor. I want to look in your eyes, I want to hear your voice. , I would be very glad to walk with you in park. I love the nature. Very much I hope that our friendship has chance to become good relations. I have no boy friend and my heart is free. I never was married, but I had serious relations before. Well my relations have ended 2 years ago. I thought, we loved each other. But once he has told to me that its feelings to me have come to an end. I have been shocked. But now I think that it never had feelings to me. Real feelings cannot come to an end. I do not know where it now and that it does. It has passed. How the woman of your dream looks? The man of my dream never deceives. All lie becomes truth. I think, the man should constrain always the promises, differently what for in general something to tell, if your word means nothing. The man of my dream should be kind, careful, attentive, gentle and strong. I do not love rough men, roughness pushes away. The man should be rough in sports or on work, but not in relations with the woman. The man should be reliable protection and a family support. I love men with sense of humour. I searched for the man of my dream and now I have you. I am very glad. I think, in relations between the man and the woman there should be a trust, understanding, respect and certainly friendship. And also love. This most important. I have good day and good mood. Yours Tatyana Letter 8 I have risen under solar a beam, through my window of a star bright beams the sun. as your weather in your city? How your day today? Yesterday I have come home very tired. I have taken a bath and I have well had a rest. Usually I only go to a shower, but sometimes I would like to lie down in a hot bath with with weakening foam. It weakens my body and gives me new forces. Then I have read the book and have fallen asleep. I very well slept and consequently I have woken up with good mood. And how you spend your evenings? I want to know about your life as much as possible. We from the different countries and we have different cultures. And it is interesting to me to learn about you new things. I wanted to talk not much about meal, the supporter of a healthy food. I am not choosy in meal, but I prefer to eat wholesome food. I eat meat, fish, vegetables, fig. I do not love fat food. I would like to prepare for you something from Russian cuisine. You would like to have supper with me? what you like meal, I hope for an affirmative reply. I the orthodox Christian. I go to church of one-two time in a month. I think, god is a love. God in each of us. I love my parents, I love my life. I try to receive a maximum of pleasure from my life. We live once and I want to live my life happily. As my mum speaks: it is possible to live life well or badly. And I want well. I agree with it. It is necessary to appreciate each moment, life a surprising piece. Still recently I did not think that I will communicate with the man who lives on other end of a planet. But it is possible. All depends only on us. And if we want, we can meet. It not illusions. Mitchell we live in 21 century, we have all types of transport: land, air, water. Yes, I want to meet you. I do not want to hide my emotions. I have to you feelings... Yes, we never met, but I really have feelings to you. It is difficult to explain it, it can be understood only. You are far, but I feel you. it seems to me that we very close. At me such sensation as if we nearby and between us are not present barriers. And I want that it was truth. I want a meeting with you. If we have though one chance to meet, we should use this chance. , tell to me that you think of it? It is important to me to know about it. Tell to me your thoughts on us. Tell to me your feelings. What you feelings, feel to me? I sincere with you, also say to you only that I feel. I try to tell all to you about myself, and I do not have not what secrets. In an operating time I can distract when I read your letter, and to pass a question do not become angry about me, write me again the questions with on numbering and it will be easier to me to answer them. Number phone which I gave mine to you ? = +7953-484-21-08. I have learnt as it is possible to call to me. The operator has explained to me the code of a city and number mine phone is necessary 4832 mine phone number - + 7953-484-21-08. I hope that you can will phone to me. Will be what problems, and you can have conversation on phone, knowledge of English language to allow to talk and understand easy each other. I with impatience wait for your letter tomorrow and as your photo. Sincerely, for ever yours Tatyana Letter 9 good afternoon. How you, I cannot describe words as I am glad to your letter. Russia has rich culture. In Russia the inner world of the person is appreciated first of all. , I appreciate in you your internal qualities. I like your character. I communicate with you only in letters, but I have found in you a rich inner world. I love your kindness. I think, you the good and fair person. You attentive, careful and me are pleasant it. I want that you knew, I write only to you. I do not have from you secrets if I have not answered on what that a question, possibility I has distracted from work. the unique man with whom I communicate in a network. And now I want more. I want dialogue in a reality. I am assured, our meeting will allow us to understand our feelings and to understand at what level our relations. To me not important in what country we will meet. Important that we will together. Every day, I learn you more and more, and to me starts to seem that I know you for a long time, dialogue with you brings to me pleasure. You know, I start to have feeling to you, and my feelings already more than simply sympathy. Your letters, an obligatory part of my day, it is necessary for me to know that at you all be good, otherwise, I cannot the quiet. I do not want to hasten, and I am not guided by emotions, I sincerely speak to you about the feelings. I start to think more of ours with you to a meeting, and already I assume day when I can arrive to your country. , it seems to me, what exactly you the man with whom I dream to create family. You beautiful, clever, are interesting to me with you, we have some general interests, and the main thing at us with you the identical purposes, and with you it will be together easier to us to realise our dreams in a reality. You agree with me? you can arrive to Russia. Or I can arrive to you. I think it technical questions and we will solve it together. Our future depends on us and from our decision. I am not afraid of flights. Last summer I travelled in Ireland with my aunt. I love the sea, a beach, the sun. , yes I have the passport and it means that I can travel all over the world without obstacles. We can travel together. that you think? Time which we will spend together, we will remember well. Our meeting will be especial. We have many things to speak. And we have many things to do, when we will meet. I am assured, we will not miss together. I trust you. And I trust in our relations. I will think of you. Tatyana Letter 10 I am glad to read your letter today. Thanks for your words about us. Thanks for your support. How has passed yours put? Yesterday I had supper in the house of my parents. I often go to my family. I very much love my parents. For me they close people. After work I have called in in shop and have gone to the house of my parents. I helped mum to make a supper on kitchen. Mum has baked fish in an oven, and I have made vegetable salad. It is very tasty. I will sometime make for you a supper. Russian cuisine is is very tasty. I would like that you were with me in the house of my parents. I am assured, you will fall in love with my parents. They very kind and lovely people. At supper we spoke about all. Despite my age, my parents care of me. I think, for them I always will be the child. They asked about my work, about my private life. I have told that in my life there was a man, his name .. I have told about our dialogue and about our plans to meet. My father worries about me, he does not want that my heart has been broken. I have assured him that you the good person and you will not cause me a pain. My friend ., I do not want to hide our relations. I am proud that I have such man. Mum says that in relations the most important are feelings. And I agree with it. We have strong feelings and we want our meeting. It is very important for passing for us to new level of our relations. I am glad that soon we will to talk in a reality. My parents trust me and respect my choice. They wish well to me only. If I is happy, they will be happy too. My parents transferred you Greetings. Please do not worry about my problems on work. It only tax questions which I solve routinely. I am not afraid of difficulties, it is simple sometimes really very tensely. But with your support I will cope with it. Your words give me force. As today to me called about the communication Internet have told that that will soon spend the house Internet. I so on the way to parents have called in in the company cellular communications. . To me have told that, Mobile communication too expensive in Russia. I am connected to the local cellular provider and consequently my phone works only in Russia. Unfortunately, we cannot speak on the phone with you or exchange sms. It is sad for me. But I will search for a way to call to you from post office for telegraph, have please patience As I will learn as it it to make. I continue to work, I wait for yours the letter yours Tatyana Letter 11 Mine put will soon end in an hour, and I want to go home to have rest from an unlucky day on work. I could not read your letter earlier as, have been occupied on work... I wanted to talk today concerning vacation, well the director should today at office. I think that tomorrow I will talk concerning vacation, and I will inform you on it. Thanks for your honesty and sincerity. I appreciate it. In my head of thought only about you. I think only about our meetings. I imagine as we meet at the airport. Day of our meeting will be great! We will search each other and when I will see you, I will not hide my emotions. I will embrace you. Today I have caught myself on thought that I want to kiss you. I want to feel your lips. Between us huge distance, but it does not influence my feelings. I want to embrace you so strong that you have felt a rhythm of my heart. I am very raised by our meeting. I promise, I will be the most beautiful woman in day of our meeting. I want that you were proud of me. All men will envy you when we will leave together the airport. And all women will envy me because I will be met by you, Thanks for your answers to my questions. It is very important to me to know it. I am very glad that I have found you. I think, God helped me to choose you. I am grateful to God for our meeting and I am grateful to the Internet for our acquaintance. It is surprising. Never before I thought that it is possible to fall in love with the person whom you never saw. But now I see, it is real. To me it is very pleasant that our feelings are mutual. I have fallen in love with you. I never saw you, but I miss you. I dream of your embraces. I want to feel your hands on my skin. I want to have dinner with you. Write me the the airport which is near to your city and as give the address of your house. I hope that you will not ignore it. My city of Bryansk there is no airport, my full name Tatyana Klementeva. The city Bryansk, I live to the address Kalinin 96 apartment 10 index 242700. I was tired to be one, I was tired to have dinner one. Today after work I will go to cafe, to have dinner. I have no mood to prepare the house. I want to prepare for you. I want to walk with you and to hold your hand. I want to look films and to sit with you under a plaid on a sofa. , I dream of us. We can soon refuse our letters and pictures because we will see each other in a reality. Have good day. I will think of you. Only yours, Tatyana

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