Scam report about Vanessa Williams

First name:  Vanessa
Last name:  Williams
Age:  27
Location:  United Kingdom
On websites:  Cherry Blossom (deactivated)
Report:  Found this scammer on Cherryblossoms, this is the same report I sent to the admin that resulted in the scammers account getting deactivated. This user contacted me then requested to use yahoo messenger to continue contact. The contact went well for about a week then the user wanted to visit so I sent them about 1,000 usd to buy a plane ticket here.I sen the money via money gram and the odd thing was i had to send it to her moms sister in Colorado versus sending it directly to her in the UK. About 3 days after the money was received I was informed of the need for money to pay a custom fee for gold in malaysia that was worth about 785k. her email is m 5:15:46 PM wvanessa599: I was actually waiting on you to voice out and that's why i never made mention of the cost of the custom fee because the fee is about 3500 for the custom bills and the worth of the gold is about 785k and that's why i just want to sell it and set up myself and help my mom as well but now it's like im helpless..since i need to have it paid before wednesday She continually went on about this security company that shipped the gold for her but never was able to give me a name of it. She claimed it was a low-key company and continued to dodge the question. Austin Dockery:how did you pay for the shipping to ship it to malaysia? the fee should be around the same price so should be affordable. I might even be able to cover that. Apr 28 1:38 PM wvanessa599:Austin, i do want you to know this was an agreement with the security company to get it shipped and im going to pay everything once the gold is sold and that's why im telling you that i want to get the gold sold right away but for some reasons you're not wanting to understand that Apr 28 1:39 PM Austin Dockery:i udnerstand that, im saying with the limitations you have, my suggestion may be the best course of action. Also who is this company? Apr 28 1:41 PM wvanessa599:Thats the Security company my late dad deposited the gold bars with that runs safe keeping on a low-key like i explained to you earlier. Why would you suggestion be the best? don't take it personal? I believe if this gold is sold, ill get the money and pay off the security company and be fine.. Apr 28 1:41 PM wvanessa599:but the limitation you're talking about here is because it's a foreign country that's why you're saying things like this Apr 28 1:42 PM Austin Dockery:the limitation is you dont have the money to pay the high custom fee Apr 28 1:42 PM Austin Dockery:how did the gold bars get to malaysia? Apr 28 1:42 PM Austin Dockery:you're going to have to pull it back and sell it in the UK Apr 28 1:44 PM wvanessa599:after the customs has issued out a fee already? when there are available buyers down already to buy once it's out of the custom's end? The arrangement with the security company was to get the gold bars shipped with the oustanding payment to be paid off once the gold is sold because there are readily available buyers on ground for it I then look up online the truth about malaysian customs and inform her that she has been scammed. I give her the benefit of the doubt that maybe she is a victim. 28 3:58 PM Austin Dockery:you will need to double check those sellers, they are scamming you. I looked up online and I called the Royal Malaysian customs. There is not a duty on gold bars being imported into malaysia. only way is if you are a malyasian resident and you own the gold, and even then the fee is no where near even 1k. the seller is scamming you, you need to contact the security company right away. Apr 28 4:00 PM wvanessa599:oh Apr 28 4:00 PM wvanessa599:really? now notice once I called out the lie on the customs that the story changed to her mom owing money from a funeral versus the money being a custom fee. wvanessa599: Austin i do want you ton know im a woman that doesn't lie or steal but each and everything has been explained to my mom so my mom said if you want to help us you should help us and please never tell me to do something when my life is in danger, if you actually care about me you wouldn't want me to move towards danger, wvanessa599: that's why i want to get the gold sold, the reseller my mom owed some money to her then and that's the money is 3500 wvanessa599 is typing... wvanessa599: during the burial of her mom.. Finally she also gives me an excuse why she cant buy the plane ticket anymore claiming her crazy ex-boyfriend is watching her and its not possible to contact the police. May 05 12:11 PM wvanessa599:oh well not so good but i got up with some fights with my ex bf and he's treating real bad now.. May 05 12:11 PM Austin Dockery:he found you again? May 05 12:13 PM wvanessa599:I think he hacked into my email address and he was able to read our conversations about the gold and now he's treating real bad.. May 05 12:14 PM Austin Dockery:can you contact the police and report him? May 05 12:15 PM wvanessa599:Its not so easy like that, someone that knows how to threaten knows what hes up to, he told me i can contact the police but they can never find hes hide out May 05 12:15 PM wvanessa599:british men are crazy May 05 12:16 PM Austin Dockery:well then I dont know what to do. did you get the gold thing sorted out? May 05 12:17 PM wvanessa599:yes i got it sorted and that was when the threaten started coming in and that's why i haven't been able to go buy my ticket, he even told him he can see have found another man.. I regret I ever sent her money for a plane ticket. I see now that realistically she fell in love too fast to be real. I trusted in her because she was in the UK so I did not expect any scams. If anymore information is needed I can create a file with the entire yahoo messenger chat history....

Status of report:  is still without proof

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