Scam report about Vera Chougugunova

First name:  Vera
Last name:  Chougugunova
Age:  29
Location:  Russia
Address:  24 Portovaya str, apartment 9, Pechora 169600,
On websites:  Facebook
Report:  The women named Vera contacted my nieghbour saying she wanted to exchange letters she soon fell madly in love with him and wanted to meet in person. This would require passports/visa ect.. which my neighbor sent ?400 via Weston union and she emailed him supposed scanned documents to prove she was getting a visa and buying tickets. After about a week and several more emails and phone calls (in one call she was in floods of tears) as she had apparently discovered she needed 4500 euros to enter the country to prove she could support herself. After this he told her he didn't think he could give her all that money the letters stopped coming.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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