First name: Aliyah
Last name: Timber
Aka: ?
Age: 26
Location: Cabanatuan City Nueva Ecija Philippines
On websites: Facebook
Report:     Aliyah Timber do you want me to guide you what to do? 2:01pm Jono Simpkins Yes please 2:01pm Aliyah Timber it's so simple.. go to western union branch, fill up a form..put the name of Kim Danielle Sanchez, the address and the amount, then give the money to the lady there.. 2:02pm Jono Simpkins Maybe for you but here in Oz it is obviously different and we have never done this before How much do you need from me to help you out? 2:03pm Aliyah Timber after a few mins, they will give you a receipt that it was send with the MTCN, they will tell you to give me that MTCN so i can get the money.. i only need 700$ now as Pearl gave me 300 before.. 2:04pm Jono Simpkins $700 australian dollars or American? 2:04pm Aliyah Timber australian, if im going to states i'll need american dollars.. but im about to go in australia 2:05pm Jono Simpkins OK just asking 2:05pm Aliyah Timber alright..any questions? 2:06pm Jono Simpkins Why do you talk to me like that? i am about to pay u money and your turse with me?? 2:07pm Aliyah Timber you can also send online.. and they will NOT ask you for a passport
Status of report: is still without proof