Scam report about Ernestina Ofori

First name:  Ernestina
Last name:  Ofori
Aka:  Sandra, Akos
Age:  she says 33
Location:  Ghana city unknown
Phone:  233-241-158737
On websites:
Report:  She had me hooked. She first contacted me on, then we moved to Yahoo Messenger and have shared emails. We have been in constant contact since late April. I sent her over $11,000 to bring her over here to the USA to be my wife. We went very far with this. She is now in Jail for trying to fly to the USA with undeclared gold. They (the Ghanian Authorities) want me to post $1500 for bail. I always sent money Western Union. I sent money for phone minutes and food for her and her supposedly unemployed uncle. I had plane ticket, working visa as a supposed nurse, passport, dog shots and travel, and much more set up for her. Brothers that read this message, PLEASE do not do what I have done. I wouldn't wish this kind of crime on anyone. STAY CLEAR OF HER!!

Status of report:  is still without proof

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