Scam report about Faustina Mawudor

First name:  Faustina
Last name:  Mawudor
Aka:  Jessica Lawson
Age:  23
Location:  Accra, Ghana
Phone:  233245635153
On websites:
Report:  While using I was contacted by a girl who invoted me to yahoo messenger to chat under the name jessicalawson256. I do not remember her screen name on the website for we were only there for a moment before she asked me if I had a yahoo address. We seemed to make friends easily and she started sharing pictures with me as well as a webcam. She seemed to be educated and intelligent but I did notice that instead of using the verb will , she always used the word Would instead. After a couple of days of chatting online for hours , she stated that her internet was going to be disconnected if she did not pay her bill of 250 dollars , and I agreed to help her out. She said to send the money by Western Union to Accra , Ghana to a person named Faustina Mawudor. After sending her the money, the very next day she claimed that her cell phone fell into a puddle and was broken and asked if I could help her get another one because it would take her a year to save up for one.I was hesitant in doing so and told her I had an old cell phone I was having fixed and when it was fixed , I could send it to her. She the proceded to say that her grand mum wanted to talk to me which I agreed to but while I was talking to this peerson I was not allowed to view her webcam. The very next day, she told me her grand mum had fallen and was taken to the hospital where the doctors needed to do surgery , but she did not have the money to pay for it and asked me if I could pay the doctors for her. When I said I could not help she insisted that she felt badly and started an argument with me after days of saying I love you , and she wanted to be with me forever as my wife. After calling me by another persons name, she made up a story of how that name meant an angel sent from above and she was not talking to anybody else but me, so I tried to believe her, but the thought of her calling me another name other than my own, still resonated in my thoughts. She continued to share photos of herself with me and claiming I was the love of her life and she would be with me forever. All of this took place over a 10 day period which ended in silence. Never hearing from her again.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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