Scam report about Elena 

First name:  Elena
Age:  28
Location:  Divnogorsk, Russia
On websites:  Zoosk
Report:  She contacted me 1st on zoosk and quickly gave me her address. I was skeptical from the beginning because I'm 51 and she was so young and beautiful and her friend was young and beautiful and most of her pictures were beautifully photographed with lovely surroundings... which was never my 1st picture of Siberia. We have traded 10 to 20 emails and she has sent me 8 photos so far...some seemingly in direct response to my previous email. Allegedly, the art school where she has taught sewing to children was closed just down unexpectedly due to some fire-code issues, so believe the ask for money will happen early this week. Her MO sounds very similar to a woman on your site named Tatanya. I have many photos and emails

Status of report:  is still without proof

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