Scam report about Darya Khimchak

First name:  Darya
Last name:  Khimchak
Aka:  Dasha
Age:  26
Location:  Ukraine, Zaporizhzhia
On websites:
Report:  Beware! This person is a scammer. Now while she is in fact a real person and if you ever contacted her she might even be willing to meet you. However she has no interest in dating or in a serious relationship. She?s about one thing and one thing only, your money. I will confess I was an idiot and probably had this coming to me but at least I can warn others about this woman who just uses men for money. I tried to have a ?relationship? with her for about 2 years. The only thing she ever showed an interest in is my money. Never in those two years did she even so much as kiss me once or even let me kiss her. She would just randomly demand that I send her money for some thing or another and warned that if I didn?t she would end the relationship. She always set it up so that if I wanted to ?date? her I had to give her money for whatever. Her friends Marsha and Olga seem to like to always encourage and pressure me to give in to her demands during the several times I visited her and to buy her gifts telling me that that would increase my chances of getting to kiss her. All lies, all of them. Dasha will tell you whatever she thinks you want to hear just as long as you keep meeting her demands for money. Don?t believe her lies of her saying she loves you. The only thing she loves about you is your money. Don?t be an idiot like me, learn from my mistake and don?t waste your time and money on her or any woman like her. Not only this but just to add insult to injury she promised to visit me if I gave her several thousand dollars to get a VISA and then after I sent her the money she refused to even consider visiting me. Note: She has changed her profile and I can no longer find it.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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