Scam report about Beresnewa Anastasija Iurevna

First name:  Beresnewa Anastasija
Last name:  Iurevna
Aka:  Anastasija
Age:  29
Location:  Nizhniy Novgorod
Address:  Molodejnaya Street, House Number 5, Apartment 12
On websites:
Report:  Logan I am glad to tell you good news. I got $ 1,000 for his room. I was told that I would have to release it a month later. I'm so glad that I could find a large portion of the amount that is needed. Everything will turn out, and we will be together. I believe this because I saw a wonderful dream. Would you like to tell you? In my dream I was walking along the road, I saw your silhouette. Logan I ran and stumbled and then see that your hand to catch me. And we embrace. I felt so good. I felt your care and tenderness. And you kiss me. I even felt in the dream as the kiss was sweet. And now I'd like to try your kiss on the present. I hope you liked my photo. This is a photo I took last summer on the beach of the lake. I love to swim in this lake during the summer. Logan I So miss you. I was told that a letter from you will not be needed. I'm going to come without them. And everything will be fine. I can do all by herself and we will be together. You're looking at the stars? Got my kisses? But, how? Want to try these? I am sure that you want. Logan I sign a contract today with the travel agency and pay the first part. The rest of the need to pay after the date will be known and the airport where you want to fly. Can you tell me? In which airport you will be able to meet me? I was told that you need a better name, city and airport. Or code. I do not know what it is. Tell me what you know and I'll tell them. Good? Logan I am so happy that I was able to start. If everything turns out well, it means that everything will be fine. I know what it is. Because we created one for another. Because we will be good together, and we can make each other happy. What do you think? I can make you happy? I know that you can. Because I am happy that you met. I think that everything will be fine. Logan I miss you and want to see you. I love you Logan!! So you want to cuddle up to you soon!! Your loving and gentle Anastasija

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