Scam report about Sandra Taylor

First name:  Sandra
Last name:  Taylor
Age:  33(?)
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
On websites:  Mate !, Girls Date For Free
Report:  I first encountered this young woman about three years ago (late 2010). She only provided a few pictures including a passport photo-sorry, these photos and emails are long gone,once we victims find out about a person being a ripoff artist, we dump the pictures and emails as soon as we can. Nevertheless, in this case the person was easy to see through. she claimed to be working with the Doctors Without Borders, yet still needed money to travel to the States. I didn't buy that for a second- why would you work with a well known organization, and they don't pay for your travel? I cut off contact soon after. Even pictures with her breasts hanging out of her shirt could not entice me to stay with something obviously so phony. A few months later i found her again on a different site, under a different username (angelofmercy33). The emails i received were exactly word for word from the first time around. I blew this off immediately. To my dismay , I reported this to the site-Girls Date For free- about the person being in another country wanting money, but the profile continued to be listed. I believe the previous contact was from Mate 1.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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