Scam report about Roseline Ofori

First name:  Roseline
Last name:  Ofori
Aka:  Roselyn
Age:  32
Location:  Accra, Ghana
Address:  P . O .Box 3331 Accra-ghana W/A 00233
On websites:  yahoo, tagged,
Report:   Jul 23 6:15 PM Matthew Tumminia:So how was your day? Jul 23 6:15 PM honest0ofori:It was fine and busy Jul 23 6:16 PM Matthew Tumminia:Tell me about it.... Jul 23 6:16 PM honest0ofori:I will be going for the interview on friday and i am suppose to get the marriage certicate with me there Jul 23 6:17 PM Matthew Tumminia:Then whats the next step? Jul 23 6:19 PM honest0ofori:The step now is for you to get the items needed for the family gathering, after that i will go for the interview which i will asked to come for my visa on the day which i will be ask to get it Jul 23 6:20 PM honest0ofori:Now my appointment is to have an interview on friday like i said and from there i will know about getting my visa the next following week Jul 23 6:20 PM Matthew Tumminia:what is needed? exactly? Jul 23 6:20 PM honest0ofori:Concerning what ? Jul 23 6:20 PM Matthew Tumminia:your family gathering? Jul 23 6:21 PM honest0ofori:Now you cant get the Gin and also the items needed so it has to be cash Jul 23 6:21 PM Matthew Tumminia:the amount? Jul 23 6:22 PM Matthew Tumminia:and what will it be used for? Jul 23 6:24 PM honest0ofori:Did you read and understand everything concerning the custom rites Jul 23 6:25 PM Matthew Tumminia:yes a party, drinks, and a dowry, Jul 23 6:25 PM honest0ofori:Yes that signifies that i am getting a relationship and for that matter is a sign of good wishes toward our future Jul 23 6:26 PM Matthew Tumminia:ok, what amount? Jul 23 6:26 PM honest0ofori:The amount is $480 Jul 23 6:27 PM honest0ofori:Part will be giving to the family and also get things that needed for my dowry Jul 23 6:27 PM Matthew Tumminia:and what is it going to buy? drinks Jul 23 6:27 PM Matthew Tumminia:ok I ment to erase that because you answered it Jul 23 6:27 PM honest0ofori:Part will be giving to the family and also get things that needed for my dowry Jul 23 6:28 PM honest0ofori:I hope you understand Jul 23 6:29 PM honest0ofori:Is more than that but i just want us to do some thing small as we had already plan to make it big when i finally get there with you Jul 23 6:30 PM Matthew Tumminia:can you buy a phone there? Jul 23 6:30 PM honest0ofori:Do you want me to buy it here than you getting it for me ? Jul 23 6:31 PM Matthew Tumminia:not sure which would make more sense, if I buy it here is it cheaper? also how long will it take to get to you? Jul 23 6:33 PM honest0ofori:It depends on the postal service you will ship it and i think with fedex it will be here by three days Jul 23 6:34 PM Matthew Tumminia:what phone i Jul 23 6:34 PM Matthew Tumminia:did you have last?

Status of report:  is still without proof

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