Scam report about Chloe Olayemi

First name:  Chloe
Last name:  Olayemi
Aka:  perfectheart
Age:  30-31
Location:  Gallup New Mexico USA, Redmond USA, South Africa
Address:  98052
On websites:
Report:  She innitiated contact on the lesbian dating site. I tryed to find my soulmate, and she started the contact. Later we starded mail correspodence, andit was strange, because she never replied directly on my mail and my questions, she mentioned so much honesty and sincerity and those letters were strange because she always tried to convince me that she is good, gos fearing, honest, sincere, but she lied about who she is, what is she doing, and its the same story as other, she was cheated, lost money, she travelled alot, and she is always lonely, looking for soulmate, etc... I stopped the correspodence before she even tryed to decieve me! All the scammers need to be reported to the FBI,and go to jail! Thanks for this site I am safe now!

Status of report:  is still without proof

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