Scam report about Oksana Lebedeva

First name:  Oksana
Last name:  Lebedeva
Age:  36
Location:  Pestravka,Russia
Address:  446160, Novaya Street 12, app# 31
Phone:  (79023147315) (79093674618)
On websites:  Zoosk
Report:  When Read This You Notice, Not Really Intrested In Me? Thank You,..Julian Hello, Julian, but i thought that you answer me with photos too i'm single now and i tired from it. i saw that you are single too and i think that you tired from loneliness too? maybe............... At once i want to explain you that i live in Russia now. but i used dating site because i wanted to meet man out of Russia. it is impossible to find man in Russia. because here 1 single man for 6 single women!!! and you can present how it is hard to search.......... I hope that you understand me. I wouldn't like to begin dialogue with the reticence or doubts... And I am ready to moving... I thought about it very much. But I would like to get acquainted at first I live in city PESTRAVKA... I'm 36 years and i don't have children ... but i work with children. i'm doctor pedeatrician I speak English without problems. I love sport, Julian.... I'm like run sometimes! i runs 1-2 times in week . :)some to some. it would be perfect if you like some sport too now i will worry so much because i will must wait your answer :-))) i fear to be refused but i give you chance for you... and i hope to get chance from you too......... Oksana with kisses........ Oksana, I want too start this letter with hope but can not, considering your job and the prospects it brings, i can not see any hope for us. I am tried of loneliness, but you see most of my life i've been ill and finding out last year that i have cancer does not help me.i do not work and and it is very unlikely that i will again, my income is only between ?12,000 and ?13,000 annualy I would like to make a furture for us,but i know this is impossilbe and in time i hope you will see that this is for the better, as i would only be a burden on you and your life. I very sorry if i have given you any false hope and i wish you the very best for you in the furture, it's not i would'nt like to know you,but surely you can see my point of view. Your Loving Friend Julian P.S. Sending your photo Secound reply Hello Julian! yes i want to continue with you!!!!! i LOOOVE your photo!!! BUT it is probable.. PLEASE LISTEN ME...... I have been in Uk. it was more 9 years ago... yes. I had practic trip and i had it with university group... WE shouldn't worry about distance. i and you live in new century. I am interested in you really I search only for serious relations which develop gradually... I

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