Scam report about Olgo 

First name:  Olgo
Age:  26
Location:  Moscow
Report:  Hello, my favorite tiger Kip! I am very pleased to receive your new letter. Thank you for what you are beside me. You are important to me and at this stage of my life, I live only for you. Sorry, but I think we should end our relationship. It very unpleasant and painful decision for me. I do not want you to suffer. You have become my very dear man, but I see no other solution. Now I am in Moscow and I write to you from an internet cafe. I got to Moscow good, but I have a problem without addressing this, I can not come to you. It is a small amount of money. For me it's a shame, ask your financial aid, and I will not do it. So, I decided to end our correspondence, because I do not want you to think badly of me. I tried to solve this problem myself, but I did not. I think he refuses to help me. As I said before, for this reason we should end our relationship. I think you're going to accuse me and your trust in me out. I do not want to hear the shouts and insults the person to whom I have warm feelings of love. My heart will be broken. Are complete disarray, my angel Kip, I am insanely afraid of losing you. I feel so bad now, I shake hands, and his voice trembling. In my eyes with tears. I do not know what to do, I think you're not going to help me and reject me. Please understand that I do not want to hear in my address of insults and accusations. Please do not say bad words. I look forward to your letter with his thoughts on the matter. I'm so afraid of losing you in my heart and I do not think that he refuses to help me. You are a wonderful person, we have built big plans for our future. It all just collapse in an instant? I do not want and do not want to believe it. You should always leave a positive hope. I'm sure between us all. Do you agree with me? During our dialogue are very accustomed to you, and I want to be with you in real life. I want passion, to some extent wild, and more sex with you, my angel Kip. I'm burning with the thought that soon I come to you. Now everything is in danger and are very upset. Likely that I was so stupid, thinking it was the happiest woman in this wide world. I look forward to your response. Your passionate, Olga.

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