Scam report about Sara WILLS

First name:  Sara
Last name:  WILLS
Age:  36
Location:  Midland / Texas (USA) & Singapore
On websites:  TOPFACE / Yahoo Messenger
Report:  sarawills290 Can you raise up to 1200usd! carlo352 well what will you do with so little, that is not even the cost for one day in hospital, you are joking! you forhet a zero??? sarawills290 Yes families support are working on something too I can't just put all the load on you that's why I said anything you can afford to help carlo352 yes, but 1200 USD is nothing, i think you are not aware!!! sarawills290 We trying to gather all we can baby carlo352 so what would such small sum do, nithing, the cost will be substantially higehr, i am afraid you have no diea sarawills290 That's why I ask you baby what can you afford carlo352 well , i think you are not aware, that makes me feel bad sarawills290 I can't ask you what you can't give carlo352 well i can not give anything inmmy situation but even 1000 dolalrs is not even a drop on a hot sone sarawills290 Okay carlo352 i think you should inform yourself beaceu you might end up in big or deep trouble or your sister will not even be acceoted sarawills290 So why bothering myself carlo352 this sounds very stranegto me as teh hospital will tell you upfront how much you need to deposit as she coems form a non US place and has no private insrance and more ovet^r you ssy this cinic isa high quality hospital specialized in such cases, so i think you have nodiea what yu will have to face sarawills290 Actually the total amount with insurance is about 18000 used Usd But we gathering all we can to save a soul PS: she started a bit before this message by telling me that her sister was detected very serious breast cancer and she was supposed to be flown from Singapore to the USA to get special care! She refuses by all means to let me have a copy of her passport, once it was held by her employer, then it was held by her housning company, then it was epired and she had applied for a new one which is not yet available!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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