Scam report about Marina Nichiporova

First name:  Marina
Last name:  Nichiporova
Age:  30
Location:  Sugurt, Russia
Email:  marinaddyld@gmail com
On websites:, Russiancupid, Badoo
Report:  Marina Jul 31 My dear,its me Marina here, how are you doing there ? it is very very hard week for me and i am really looking forward to weekend ! did you miss me ? ) i know you did and i did miss you all this time too,you know the time goes so fast when i am at work, but when i start thinking about you,the time just stops. You know,i have been working a lot already and my last vacation was very very long time ago and i need to have some rest soon because work is really hard this days its the Summer and many people to come to our clinic because they have vacations also and just no time for it after. You can say it sounds strange to miss someone you never see before,but it is really so ! so i do not know how can i explain it and do i need it really ? :) i think you can understand it without words. All this week from today to Friday,i can be reached by phone land line in emergency dental department : +74999184286 from 12-15 PM to 8 PM Moscow time.An other hours this land line is off.If you can not catch me there from the first time,you can try again.Pls do not forget i can be busy and i do not promice long conversations but to hear each other's voices for sure ! Yesterday evening i visited parents and we talked about you, they are really surprised about us and they belive i will can be happy abroad and it can be the new start for me, they always try to support me,you know,my dad is great man and every time i felt sad or i need to talk someone, every time i came to him and he gave me an advice how to find the way from difficult situation or how to solve the problems and yes,i do listen to him because he always tells me the same his heart tells him and this time when i start talking about you he said that i stay here all my life and i am already 30 and that it is just not the positive life he want me to have and here is nobody to take a care of me, yes,i have been married before,father never said i should not marry my ex-he just said do what my heart tells me ! I would like you to meet him one day and i do proud of him, my dad's name is Alexander,he said he is going to miss me if i go far,but he want me to be happy,and i do need to make my own choice,so i belive if we met with you and like each other the same in the writings we can have a future together, and i already start to feel that my heart beats faster and faster with every day,but i little bit afraid to fall in love with you, because i never see you before in person and because you are so far,but what can i do and can i stop my self and do i really need to stop my self ? I feel i can trust you and that you will not let me down and i can promise the same from my side, because as i have wrote before i am one man woman and if i have my soulmate i never look around and i never put attention on any other man because i am happy already and just do not need to do it. Please tell me this all serious for you the same as for me ! All the things happens between us already are serious and it start to change my life already and i forget when i felt so nice as now the last time and if i ever felt like this. I want to be honest with you and i have nothing to hide. I feel that i can trust you,is that right feeling ? Could you tell me if i am right because it is important to hear this words from you,if that is really so only. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon ! P.S More pictures from Egypt(you can see my company i was traveling with : my cousin and her husband, they took pictures of me there also,an other pictures you can see my parents and me small there also With kisses Yours Marina My love,its me Marina here, i am glad to hear from you this Friday, as you know i was going to come with plans today and give you the info about my arrival, but i had too many patients today and finished too late and they closed already. Tomorrow is the day off and Sunday also and this means i can not give you any info until Monday, but on Monday morning i do belive to have it for you. Dad is going to get me to the farm now and he drove me here also and waiting in the car now and we need to go there.I did copy of my passport for you and i belive you can keep it there Looking forward to hearing from you soon, will come with info by Monday Have a good weekend there, i hope the next weekend,we will be together :) P.S Big hello from dad Aleksandr for you also ! With million kisses Yours Marina Marina Jul 22 to me Hello my friend,this is Marina. i am glad to get your response this Monday, i want you to know that i can speak english the same as write and i do write for you by myself. i just finished my working day and come here in Internet cafe to check my email, So how are you doing there ? I am fine and have no plans for the evening yet, what is about you ? so what are your plans ? I can say a lot of man i see here do not know how to treat lady and think about themselves in whole. But every lady loves when the man take care of her, do you agree with me ? do you like to take care of lady ? I mean to treat lady as your best friend and not as only sexual partner, but any way the harmony in relations is impossible without harmony in sexual relations,do you think so ? I do know how to treat man and how to make him feel special and i have experience being married,not only words. Now my aim is not just to marry-i have went throw this already. As you know every woman wish to marry and could be blind, and people make a lot of mistakes when they are young, and we have to pay for our mistakes later,i have paid by my nervous and health. Any way nothing has been changed inside of my heart and it is able to love and i am ready for true love, i never loose hope and i belive there are a lot honest man in this World. I do belive in Destiny and i know it has something for me also, so i look on things around me and i put attention on what is going on. I have pics to send now and i will send some with the next letter also, All my relatives do live near the city in the country side in their house like farm, my parents do live there also i and i live in the City. I do not have sisters or brothers,but i have cousins only. i write from Internet cafe because my ex took the computer and car after divorce. I have few girlfriends here also and i proud of them. Do you drive ? i have licence but no car now. My favorite season is The Summer ! What kind of music do you prefer ? do you like to read ? what is your favorite kitchen ? i mean kind of food you like the most. do you cook ? :) What is your dream ? I mean something you wish in the closest future. I enjoy popular music,Madonna,r&b,house music. Well,i need to go home, i feel tired so much take care and have a good week there :) Yours Marina

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