Scam report about MARIAN SCOTT

First name:  MARIAN
Last name:  SCOTT
Age:  27
Phone:  2348101824662
On websites:  C-DATE - FACEBOOK
Report:  My name is Joao, a native of Portugal, I am 65 years old, I'm divorced and I live in Brazil to 59 years, I started looking for a companion for C-DATE personals made some contacts with Brazilian women but what else Appeared with interest of relationship were very beautiful and foreign young age, that gave me the awkwardness but beauty Certain acts personal story made me delight by some people, in particular by Marian Scott and Gradually we were texting, always with much of her love and affection. At first sent information of his personal life in relation to family saying she was alone because of the death of her parents and brother, who was in Nigeria only to sign documents of the parent company with a company of Nigerian Gas and leave for other Parents not caring about the distance and Also wanted to have a person for her to give comfort and warmth also, not caring about the acts. Began And so the story: she was staying in the hotel and his tenure ended day 24 August, then asked me to me to buy her a plane ticket for que day, the this was not possible, what would be researched in the nearest possible date for your ticket and the date was scheduled for the day August 30 where she would come to Brazil August 31 day , all then got hit, so she's going to be staying at the hotel for over 5 days she asked me to send money to a daily rate of $ 145 per day, said then the equivalent of $ 725 in Nigeia Naira, on 26 August , subsequently sent to her E-pass tiket Murthala airport to Enugu and was awaiting his return. On August 28 I got a text from her saying desperate who had been at the airport Murthala and immigration agents would require $ 3,500 que she carries title of BASIC TRAVEL ALLOWANCE DCUMMENT the desperate she was for not being able to travel without having this value in hand, on 29 August in the morning I sent her the $ 3,500 and she Replied que she had received the money , had paid the Bills and was already on his way to the airport around 14 hours. I was relaxed because everything was working in October Day 31 the flight she was supposed to get to the 16:00 pm, arrived on time and she landed, there I was concern, I tried to talk to her on the phone and she was not answering. I came home and tried to open my email box and a message from an alleged hotel DIAMOND SUITE HOTEL INTERNATIONAL reporting a terrible accident with her and the driver due to a RAID by bandits on the way to the airport, where they stole your luggage, your $ 3500 and killed the driver and she left wound to an alleged hospital MEDIAL CENTER ALLIANCES The hotel manager asked me to send him $11,872 bucks so he could pay the physician that you do a surgery, told him who should pay all expenses with her would be the service provider because it was in the vehicle at the hotel. So far she's been texting me to send money to her to pay the hospital. As I don't have the money to send, I decided to search on the internet for international women who tell stories of love to involve people and ask for money, and found thousands of them all over the world including a lot of resemblance to my case, I lost it between airfare and money sent more than $ 7,500 dollars. People who form a group of exploitation are: Samuel Sunday Safiriyu, hotel manager who received the money couple she, David Stanley hotel manager who gave the false news, Abidemi Ogunkanmi Olayinka, supposedly nurse at the hospital would receive the next qq money.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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