SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Kristin Callahan

First name: Kristin
Last name: Callahan
Aka: maebysomeday
Age: 24
Location: Grover, NC, USA
Address: 115-c Carothers Ln, Grover, NC 28072
Phone: 704-472-1168
On websites: MyFreeCams
Report:     I met Kris in November, 2012. She misled me from the start into believing she was raising her daughter alone. The father did not provide any support, and they were not together for 6 months at that time. She said the father did not make money to support her. Truth is she lives with James Larro, the father of their daughter. He had a good job providing for them. Kris lied to me for 8 1/2 months until July, 2013, when I found out the truth from her relatives and finding information online. She was constantly having emergencies and needing money for food, diapers, bills etc., and told me she was unable to find a job. James worked for Kristin's father, and made more than enough money to meet their needs. Kris said she loved me, but I had very much trouble having her come to visit me. In total, I spent $30,000 in cash, and merchandise from Amazon that I had shipped to her. Kris is working at MyFreeCams right now as model MaebySomeday. In the past she was Lil_Red_Fox there.
Status of report: is still without proof