SCAM REPORT ABOUT  isabella garcia

First name: isabella
Last name: garcia
Age: 34
Location: nigeria
On websites: free latin love search
Report:     this person made first contact with me on latin love search,she said she was fom columbia and staying with her aunt in jacksonville,fla,it seemed ok at first but i began to get suspicious she only gave me a vadue address,had no phoeand other odd things,so i found a program that would trace where the emalis she sent came from and a coulpe were traced to nigeria and thers to chicago but none from fla,so i have cause to wounder,she has not asked for any money,only to use my pone numbr to activate her cell phone with a free google voice that she does not have the money yet to buy voice time,she says she just got a jo and will be doing that soon and calling me,so i am a bt confused,so i thought i uld have you check it out,obviously i cant be 100% shure but will check the box to get this going.
Status of report: is still without proof