Scam report about Elena Ksenzova

First name:  Elena
Last name:  Ksenzova
Age:  45
Location:  Deventer Holland -St Petersburg-russia
Address:  unknown7415GK Deventer
Phone:  unknow+31634248546
On websites:
Report:  Elena is a woman off 45 years from ST Petersburg Russia.She was 3 times already married and have 3 children.She used her last Husband and try money from him and get a Holland Pasport.In the time she married she also lived with 2 other men.She live in Holland with 2 off her children.She will stay with the men with the most money and when this money is gone she go too other men.When she was married with Holland men she used him and was 20 ours a week with other men and ask money for sex.Men watch out for this woman she want marry every men and get his money and when money finish she go other men like a hooker.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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