Scam report about Shela Rae

First name:  Shela
Last name:  Rae
Aka:  Mary Rust Smith
Age:  said she was 35
Location:  Durham, North Carolina, USA
Phone:  919-355-5869
Report:  She initiated the contact with me via the mail function at the website. She has been corresponding with me for for just under two weeks. She said she was 35 years old in the Ashley-Madison website, but there's no way she looks that age. I asked her about it; she has not addressed it. Also, she has not filled out any information on the Ashley-Madison profile page. I'm 59 years old and I've been skeptical of someone that beautiful and young having any interest in an old guy like me. She has not yet revealed her request for money. I have several pictures including 1 or 2 that are shown on your website. I'd be happy to send all of them to you. This story has not ended yet; I can't wait to see what money scenario she's going to come up with. Glad I found your site; she is really good at what she does and I fell for it.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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