Scam report about Simmy Winterstrom

First name:  Simmy
Last name:  Winterstrom
Age:  29
Location:  Phillipines
On websites:  Zoosk
Report:  I did not lose money but spotted immediately that this was a scam. Contact was initiated by me on about 8th/9th September on Zoosk, I sent her a message with my email address attached, she replied directly to my email address. Her profile on Zoosk disappeared immediately on the day of making contact with me, she said her mother had died a few weeks ago when she was attacked by armed men in the Philippines and she was now there in the Philippines collecting money and assets left by her parents. In a later email she told me how her relatives gave her a cold reception and they wanted to take her life and that she was scared and that she hoped I would be there to help her through this time. When I said to her at the start of our communication that I wanted to check she wasn't going to con me out of money by asking me to pay for plane tickets, I received a very cross reply stating to not contact her again, I did contact again with an apology just to see if she would respond, and she did only to then carry on with the huge long emails rambling on about many different things. She did not answer every question I asked, only one or two from many asked. We corresponded until 13th September upon which date I did not reply to her last email and there has been no correspondence between us since. I could tell the emails from Simmy were unusual which made me realise this was a scam and that I should cut contact immediately.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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