Scam report about Martha love

First name:  Martha
Last name:  love
Age:  30
Location:  Ghana
Phone:  +233 264381405
Report:  I've been chatting with this girl for the last 2 weeks all of the sudden she wants money. she sends me some hot pics claiming that its hers. she even cam chat with me.. but it was a recorded one cuz I ask her to waive her hand and play with her hair but she didn't do. any way I'm glad to help as much as I can to track down on these scam and all people trying to do scam others. I have some pics that I would like to share with u . here is some of her last chat session doing okay lovemartha264: Honey, am really in short of Food Stafts My Love , Can you help me out with 500 Dollars BABE thelaststand1: baby. thelaststand1: 500 is too mutch to ask on first date lol lovemartha264: Honey ,i Need to get Much Food Stafts Babe, Okay Honey so How Much Can you afford My Love thelaststand1: 0 until I know that ur real baby.. until now I only have few pics.. from u and some cam time that I'm not sure if it was real .. or was a recorded seen thelaststand1: proof to me that ur are what ur claiming to be then I will help as much as I can thelaststand1: I don't want to cut u off like that baby thelaststand1: but I got to know for sure lovemartha264: Honey thats me and what do you want me to do again Babe, i Have tryed to borrow a Cam from a Friend for you to see me and what do you want me to do Now thelaststand1: lol baby.. Its not first time that someone asking me for money.. and I know that there are lots of scammer on the dating sites.. thelaststand1: I ask u for a photo of urself holding a note with my name on it thelaststand1: that will do thelaststand1: written note ofcourse lovemartha264: Ohh Okay , will that do Honey , what Name to you want me to write thelaststand1: Moe Arno thelaststand1: I think I asked u to forward more pics of u cuz I love to get attracted physically to you more.. lovemartha264: Ohh Okay , Honey i Can do that by tomorrow , thelaststand1: okay baby thelaststand1: are u going to be albe to come here when the time comes? lovemartha264: I will Love to Come but , i dont Have Visa and passport Moe thelaststand1: cuz I would love to see you in person.. thelaststand1: that wont be an issue.. thelaststand1: you can issue a new passport and new visa... but you dont need to have Visa to come to the state lovemartha264: Ohh Okay , Dear but i will Love to meet you in person too , Okay i will try that and i will Love if we Can Chat on the phone after we Have Finish Chating Okay thelaststand1: send me ur phone # lovemartha264: +233 264381405 and whats your Number Babe thelaststand1: calling u thelaststand1: love martha thelaststand1: whos answer the phone? thelaststand1: i'm talking to u now thelaststand1: lol thelaststand1: talking u u now thelaststand1: wow.. lots of people around u thelaststand1: lol thelaststand1: what's wrong b lovemartha264: Yeah Honey am around with My cousins thelaststand1: ic thelaststand1: so why don't u send me more pics of u baby lovemartha264: i think my networking is being engage lovemartha264: okay babe thelaststand1: I love to see more hot pics of u lovemartha264: Honey , Can you Call me when my Cousins are gone Okay , but there is alot of Noise making here Babe thelaststand1: okay babe thelaststand1: but send me more pics baby thelaststand1: r u there? lovemartha264: Ohh Okay , Honey but Can you give me your phone Number Babe, so that i can store so that i can know that you Calling me , so that i can take it a place where there is no noise Babe Hide Recent Messages (F3) You currently appear offline to lovemartha264. thelaststand1: I will baby.. but not now.. next time I will tell u before I call thelaststand1: are u going to send me more pic or not? thelaststand1: are u there thelaststand1: if ur so busy we can chat some other time baby lovemartha264: okay honey..let me know before u call me because a different line appear on my cell and it is local number that appears..if it were to be u no one will have picked my calll...i hope u shall let me have ur phone number as soon as possible thelaststand1: okay thelaststand1: hellooo lovemartha264: Honey am here with you Babe, am Sending you the pics Now My Love thelaststand1: glad to hear that lovemartha264: Honey do you want me to email you with it Babe

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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