First name: Sung
Last name: Xie
Age: 29
Location: China, Guangou
On websites: JapanCupid
Report:     The woman, named Sun (China) contacted me after my registration on I received few letters (attached below), but after second letter I felt a doubts it's real person. Checking in Google are there any comments about Sung Xie I found 90% similar letters from Kisun Sung to Steve (USA) - your member: Here are the letters from Sung Xie to me: Letter1: How are you today ? i hope you are fine and ok. how was your day ? so nice to hear from you , so nice to get your mail in the dating site. let me tell you a little bit about me ok .my name is Haifeng but my friends call me Sun.I am from Wuhan in Hubei province China.i am a simple girl that is lovely,kind and faithful.i am a girl who love to treat people the way i treat myself.i really opened this site because my dream is to spend the rest of my life with a good and honest man and i know my dream will come through. i am very serious on my search to find that special person. I am a girl who hate to play with peoples feelings.i am very serious in what i am looking for.looking forward to hear from you.Tell me about yourself and send me pictures of yourself.have a nice day. ----------------- Letter2: How are you today.i hope you are fine and good how was your day.nice to get your mail here in my mail box and your handsome pictures.I want to let you know that age does not count in a good relationship. I really need someone that i can share my dream with and also call my bestfriend.I am here to make an everlasting relationship that is full of love,romance,truthfulness and faithfulness. My Hobbies are swimming,going to the cinema,listening to cool music,cooking,cleaning the house,reading and pets. My likes in a man is a man that is Nice man.a man who is calm.a man that is caring,a man that has a sense of Humore and a man that is well groomed.let me still tell you about me and my family. My name is Haifeng but my friends call me Sun.I am from wuhan. i live in a city call Guangzhou, i work as a sales girl in a clothing maket not so far from my house. i live with my mother in our appartment.i have never married before and i don't have children. I have lost my father died last two years.the only joy that i have now is my mother.i am the only child of my parents.I am here in other to find a good and honest man to be with for the rest of my looking for that special one to spend the rest of my life with.i believe that love does not count age and distance.but love and caring that we both show to each other.i did not come to the site to write mail to everybody.i am writing mail to you because my mind accepted you. My favourite flower is the rose flower.My favourite food is the Chinese Dumpling.I do not smoke and i do not drink. My expectations in a relationship is to make my man happy and my man also make me happy.Build a relationship that is full of happiness,trust,truth,faithfullness and honest that will lead to everlasting marriage. Can you tell me what you are looking for in a girl.Am hoping to build a nice relationship with you in the future.I will like to hear from you soon ,i will have to stop here so i can go back to my work. Waiting to hear from you . Sun Letter3: Hello Dearest, How are you doing today.How did your day go.I hope all is well.Nice to see your mail here in my mail box. Thank you for all the nice words that you said in your mail.I am very much happy that our dreams are the same with each other.I and my mother are doing good here.I have told my mother about you and she told me that anything that makes me happy also makes her happy.She said we should know each other more better. Good to see that you have removed your profile from the dating site.You are truly such a honest and a truthful man.You are what i am looking for in a man.Nice to see the picture of the close profile and the write up they sent to you.I want somebody that i can trust that will not let me down when time seems hard.My plan when we get together is to make a lovely family with you. I really will like to know you better to see if we are a great match.i believe in friendship first the others follow later.i do really like a friend like you.i also like a man who is open minded and down to earth.All i want in life is someone that will be nice to me.I hate dramas that is why i said am not here for drama. Am a tradtional Chinese woman and i like being truthful and honest.Am very much sincere in my search and i want a long term relationship that will lead me to marriage.I also like a man that makes me happy.a man that knows when am happy and when am sad. I want my relationship to be based on truth and trust.Any relationship that does not have trust is not a good relationship.I believe truth and trust is one of the main thing that we need for a good relationship to move well. We Chinese have a great culture and tradition and we do respect our culture and traditions.Am a very loyal and humble girl.I expect my man to be a very humble,respectful,loyal,caring and lovely man.Have a nice time and waiting to hear from you. Sun Here you may find a picture of Sung Xie: After I sent to her just the link to your site, the mails to me disappeared. Thank you for help and fight against such a cruel people!
Status of report: is still without proof