Scam report about Melisa Jane Willis

First name:  Melisa Jane
Last name:  Willis
Age:  claims to be 36 looks much younger.
Location:  Republic of Benin
Address:  refused to give
Phone:  refused to give says mum has cell phone
On websites:  yahoo instant messenger, MSN, yahoo.
Report:  Very sick person. I talked with her for about a week before she asked for money to pay her internet bill because it was going to be disconnected. Same Oh, Same oh scam. Scammer may be a man sending beautful picture of a woman who claims to be Melisa, pictures of woman who looks like Melisa. Scammer claims that the older woman is her mother. Scammer also send photos of young looking women who she claims to be herself and her 5 year old son, Terry. Claims that the childs father is dead. Claims that her mother, unknown name, owns a used clothing store in Benin, city unknown. Scammer very evasive, wants to talk on Yahoom IM right, away,disappears on the weekend. She can only talk at 12PM her time allegedly in Benin. IP address comes back to Google in California USA. Very beautiful woman dress in in black dress and heals. Photo look to be taken by professional. Lies and says she doesn't have a phone. claims that she can be be contacted by her mother's cell phone. Never leaves a cell phone number and never asks for yours. Gladly sends photos to your email. I have photos to post later. She fits the the profile of a scammer. Wants to talk on IM immediately, no phone, no contact on weekends, avoids direct questions. Falls in love right away without even seeing a picture of me. Requests money to pay internet bill. Claims to not even have a cell phone. Who doesn't have a cell phone these days.DID NOT SEND HER ONE PENNY. She stopped contacting me.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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