Scam report about Tatyana 

First name:  Tatyana
Aka:  Tatyana
Age:  32 to 38
Location:  Russia, unknow city or town, would not say
Address:  would not give evasive. Never answers questions.
Phone:  +7910326489
Email: then
On websites:  yahoo. email address stops working suddenly. she changes it to be back on.
Report:  Beautiful blue eyed blue woman in emailed photos, some showing her working with children allegedly at an ophans home. Other photos professionally done varous sence places. Well not answer any direct questions. loses email addess constantly. Just gets a new one on Yahoo and continues with the same. Says she is having problems with her email address and sharing her laptop with her younger sister who is in school. Phone number, unknown if its cell or landline phone. When called it rings once or twice the goes to busy signal. The in the day time Russian speaking operator answers in Russian. I don't speak Russian. Scammer says that her friendship feeling have gronw very fast but she can not talk about it in emai. Says she will find a way to talk on the phone once I told her that her phone number was no good. Will not get yahoo intstant messenger. Never stayed in contact with me long enough to ask for money. Will not respond to emails but asks that I be true and honest, as if they know what those word mean, and tell her if I email other women. Suddenly disappeared again for the third time no contact in two weeks. Most recent email address no good according to yahoo message. Have down loaded pictures will send them when I figuer out how to do it. Dialog consistent with internet scammer although she never asked for money.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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