Scam report about Sandra Johns

First name:  Sandra
Last name:  Johns
Age:  42
Location:  Lagos Nigeria
On websites:
Report:  I meet Sandra in december 2012 at and we started to talk on Yahoo mid December. She told me she worked as Immigrations officer and was located in Arcansas. She told me she had been married but had no kids. She told me even her father was a politcian but she now lived in a apartment in the Airport were she worked. She told me some about her dream and she would to take up a job her mother have been doing by selling used celphone to Nigeria. She told me she needed a partner and I replyed that she should not asl me. Then she got angry. Some time later she contacted me and we talked as good friends, she told me she had got offer to go to Nigeria for working there in connection to the Embssy. She ask me what she should do. I told her this would be a opperatunity for her and good if she went out and saw the world. Next she told me she was in Nigeria and we continue to takld as a good friends. In April she asked me if I had som used CellPhones and I told her I had some, she asked for 50, but did not have so many, she asked me if I could send what I had and all electrical equipment i could find. She promish to pay US$ 800 plus transport US$400. I have not seen any money yet. I have requested that she payed the transport whitch she aggreed to do, but I had to help her with some money transfer. I had to give her my bankaccount and then she would transfer undefined amount into it and then come to Iceland and collect and pay me at same time. I said no and the she stopped all contact. Attached are all contact I have had to Sandra John.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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