Scam report about Anne Joanne Croww

First name:  Anne Joanne
Last name:  Croww
Aka:  Anne Crowson, Anne Joanne, Anne miller,
Age:  34?
Location:  Malaysia kuala lumpur, Australia, Adelaide, Alice Springs
Phone:  +601133094279 - +6421011231375
Email:  Anne Crowson + Anne Croww
On websites:  NZDATING
Report:  As I recall, it was me who intiated contact via NZDating, after a sudden marriage brak up, I wanted to find LOVE again..... then she came on, and we started chatting. Time of how long, still on going over a year now. Around April 2012 till now Sept2013. Strange nothing out of the ordinary except that she wrote amazing love stuff, and got me hooked? I should have clicked then? Monies, its seems so long it was her that intitiated monies. She had organised small amounts at first and got me to send via WU. Hundreds at first. All sorts of reasons, please help me I have no where to live.....etc etc and then promise's she would use it to catch a flight. Then the ball game changed and she had me receiving her Fathers Estate monies, and that if I went along she would share the monies as she was the only daughter, $1.2million, bla bla. She arranged for my bank details to be given her and she would send me some moines. Thats how gullable I became I trusted her with every detail. Even my bank INFO. She deposited monies, the asked me to resend the monies ASAP, to her Bankers, because she needed it to pay Tax fees. I was alerted via Wetspac that I was the recipient of proceeds from money Laudering, but she kept promising and talking of love and that all I needed to do was for her and it would only be a matter of time before her Fathers monies would be released. The list of names grew as more monies by me were sent through NZ, WU and MG became a game with her promises increasing. Anne Joanne Croww AKA Crowson, or Miller or Croww travelling on several Passports English, Australian, NZ, Malaysian........? WU were sent even like this one as recent as this week to her Associates Siti Noraishah Binti Saari BANK of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia - who just accepted 2 amounts of $500NZ + fees WU. Others - Addison Charisse 62 Bukil Jalan Rd, Mentari, Malayisa 6800 -Nathan Derrick 62/64 Bukit, Jalan Rd, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 09200- Andrew Robert, ( This guy, worked in the Bank I was told and spoke to me saying these monies would help release her fathers millions,) Banker Kuala Lumpur - Willy Selea? - Company Smart Choice name owned by Mohammed - (This guy managed to swindle and get me tied up an overdraft not even of my own making for $10000 MOHAMMED threatened if I didn't send the monies back he would kill ANNE after rapping her...... Mohammed had me send WU to these associates $3000NZ a pop? Cathy Hamper, Al Muteena, Deira, Dubai, Unite Arab Emirates - Darren Elliot, SS 21/13 House 3, Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Nancy Robinson, 22/22 Damansara Kuala Lumpur - Vivian Miller ss 21/13 House, Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Ashley Miller, Al Muteena St, Deira, Dubai, United Arab Emerates Wills Anderson - a person by the name of Mohammed became big players I have them somewhere......FINAL OUT COME......I am depressed, stupid,

Status of report:  is still without proof

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