Scam report about Natasha or nata 

First name:  Natasha or nata
Age:  38 yrs old
Location:  popasnaya
Phone:  +380634034395
Email: something like that
On websites:  translation machine
Report:  nata who is 38 yrs old told me she was born 1975 she said she was a hairdresser and a fitness trainer but she ran out of money for the translation machine and the company emailed me to join as a client so she can talk to me again as long as I payed for the translation machine I rang them and tryed emailing them but it said on my site no such email address and she also said I really touch her heart and she also said she wouldn't ever ask me for money and after that I got and email saying she needs a translation machine and that's it but she also said that's not the end of it she will try and contact me some other way I gave her my home address and my phone number when I saw her on and I got a shock and especially reading from a guy that also got her messages too it spun me out kind regards allan Curnow

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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