Scam report about Cinthia James

First name:  Cinthia
Last name:  James
Age:  33
Location:  USA, UK, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
On websites:  MeganQT
Report:  This woman's ID has been used by other men/women before unbeknown to her, assumingly, when she was known as MeganQT, a pornstar working out of UK.I met her on Mate! a dating site and she contacted me. After a while she explained she had a contract with China to send medical data to Malaysia and needed money to offload these items, a fee of the Malaysian Govt. I paid this amount. Later she sent me a copy of a US check for $300,000 and wanted to cash it in Australia, but first there were other items of money that she needed. She didn't quite have enough for a flight to Australia and she needed baggage and money for food. She never turned up, explaining she was in an accident and ended up in hospital and now needed money for the hospital bill as well and now needed only $700 to finally get to Australia..... I paid this in order to try to recoup some of my money...... she never showed up.....I had communicated with her for over a year.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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