Scam report about HONEST JOYCE

First name:  HONEST
Last name:  JOYCE
Age:  25
Location:  GHANA
Email:  Honest Joyce
On websites:  @YAHOO.COM
Report:  SHE IS A SCAMMER FROM GHANA I guess this is the time for me to prove everything to her.. Well i have a feelings that you loved Ayisha very much and i want you to know that, i had a conversation with her on Yahoo Messenger and after that i told her not to try and added me or try to contact me so i ignore her after talking to her cos i know she's for real and im fake, yes yes yes im fake cos im a Scammer and big hacker to i hack people's and i have been doing this let say all my life time... Im a scammer Mr. Joseph so i don't want you to waste your time on me okay im using fake pictures to scammed people, i tried on to scammed you but i guess you were very smart and very fast person and i really appreciate that. I'm a scammer and a hacker and i will always be, the pictures i sent you were all fake pictures okay and i know and hope that the lady Called Ayisha she's for real so if you know you loved her and want her to be with, please my advice for you right now is to be honest with her and listen to whatever she will tells you okay and try and win her heart okay cos she's for real, im just wasting your time her Mr. Joseph and i guess you know that hahah... I don't need your money okay i don't know Ayisha from anywhere like i said i had a conversation with her and told her that im the Lady called Joyce and i have been talking with a man called Joseph hahaha i told her everything i mean it's a very long story and i guess i will stop it here, so please go back to your Ayisha okay..Bye THIS IS THE LETTER SHE WROTE ME SHE 1ST SAID SHE WAS VISITING HER GRANDMOTHER IN GHANA THEN SHE SEND ME HER PICTURE OF A IRISH LOOKING GIRL THAT IS WHITE AS SNOW,I SAID 2 MYSELF YEAH RIGHT I AM FROM BROOKLYN NY,I DON'T FALL 4 THAT BS THEN SHE SAYS IT HER BIRTHDAY WHAT AM I GOING 2 SEND HER,U DON'T WANT 2 HERE WHAT I SAID 2 VUGLAR 4 THIS

Status of report:  is still without proof

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