Scam report about Lisa Kent

First name:  Lisa
Last name:  Kent
Age:  29
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria and Jacksonville, Florida
Address:  11 Eyita Street Iko Rodu, Lagos Nigeria 23401
On websites:  Face Book
Report:  She contacted me on Face Book. Mid way through our first conversation she wants to move down here and live with me and get married. The problem is she can't leave Africa till she pays back a loan on her pass port she took out to pay for her ailing Grandmothers medical expenses. She asks me to send her $2250 to pay off the loan so she can fly down and live with me. I told her I couldn't afford to. She then asks me to send half, once again I told her I couldn't. She then tries to make me feel guilty, didn't work. Then she asks me to send her money so she won't lose her internet connection, each time it increased a $100. I told her I couldn't. That was the end of the communication with her.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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