Scam report about Karen or Janet Cees

First name:  Karen or Janet
Last name:  Cees
Aka:  janetkaren/cees karen/karenjanet/unknown
Age:  31/35
Location:  Nigeria or Denmark
Address:  Osun State, Nigeria 234036
Phone:  (234)816-4276607
On websites:  Facebook/Yahoo mail
Report:  A woman named Cees Karen has been contacting me on Facebook for about 2 months she goes by this name on Facebook?She has only IM me on facebook But her name dosen't match in any lookups? She told me to get a yahoo mail account so I did, (she goes by Her (IP address is )She says she comes from Denmark and that her business in Nigeria is the result of her boss transferring her there several months ago? She started a romantic relationship with me from the onset but it soon turned to a desperate plea for help and money I have sent her (via Western Union to the name Janet Karen) approximately $750USD since this time? Now she wants to send me money from a will she says was left in Denmark by her deceased father, name James Cees? The bottom line was she asked me for my bank account info so this could be done and I got very suspicious .I found nothing in any of the databases with anyone from Denmark with that name? If she is a scammer not only do I want her found out but if you can identify the woman in the picture I would very much appreciate that she could be alerted as she is a victim also!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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