Scam report about laura oyebamiji

First name:  laura
Last name:  oyebamiji
Aka:  kate williams, kate brown
Age:  30ish
Location:  Nigeria, Ghana
On websites:  Yahoo, mate 1
Report:  Come online out of the blue says she found my address on mate 1 would like to become better acquainted chatted for almost 6 months talked mostly about getting together and getting married i told her that soon I would have some income and that if she liked we could meet then kept at me to send her money for about 2 more months finally got pissed at me quit talking said I as never going to meet her just leading her on,never sent her money OK this time around she posed AS KATE WILLIAMS 2 MONTHS LATER SHE COMES BACK this time says she found my address and that her name was Kate brown and liked my profile asked for money within 2 weeks in both instances she provided me the the very same pics got to looking around on other sites and found her another another name confronted her about it of course she denied it saying someone has stolen her information and was using her pics as their own told here until she come on cam I didn't want to talk any more haven't heard from her in awhile full blown scammer good looking gets you going slowly and then acts like your are married wants money says you are hers and that she wants a lasting relationship needs to be taken offline for good she is nuts when she doesn't get her way and cyber stalks

Status of report:  is still without proof

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