Scam report about Svetlana Zhaboriuk

First name:  Svetlana
Last name:  Zhaboriuk
Age:  26
Location:  Odessa, Ukraine
Address:  Odessa,Odesskaja region, pgt Konoplyan,30 Richta Street 30 Peremogi,house 214(a false adress)
Phone:  +380 93 145 65 77
On websites:  --unknown--
Report:  Dear Sirs! I have already reported her. The photos of Svetlana Zhaboriuk-26 years from Odessa in Ukraine..Born 26.12.1986 other informations about her scamming. Everything you have planned with her, will not happen. She dont ask for money, but suddenly she lives outside from Odessa and need 400 UAH,hrivna ,50 USD ,for taxi each day and if not, she cannot visit you.She needs 950 dollars for taxi for nineteen days,otherwise she will not visit you any more.This is a lie, she lives in the city.She is beautiful and very nice,you cannot resist her, she is like a curse,but she suddenly has problems with her daughters sister, Malika, but this girl is a gipsy, she has problems with the neers and need to go to the hospital each day to get injections and for control.And you will only meet her with the girl and you will never be alone with her.She promised you everything before you came to her, but nothing will happen.She is the most symphatic woman I have meet in my life.And since she is a scammer, she talkes bad about the gipsies, even though she uses this little gipsygirl.And she dont like you when you say that the ukrainian taxidrivers are cheating you, Then she feels very offended.and when I found out that she is a scammer, she got very furious and angry at me.She promised to come to me in Norway in September, but problems at the work, than she promises to come in January, I must only be patient and wait for her, But she has no intention to meet me or come to Norway at all. Regards Aslak Furfjord,Norway

Status of report:  is still without proof

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