Scam report about Irina Shulzhenko

First name:  Irina
Last name:  Shulzhenko
Age:  31
Location:  Gorskoe,Lenina street 5
Address:  93292
Phone:  +380663386898
On websites:,
Report:  HI, To me it was unbelievable when I saw the report about Irina on this site. The same facts that were reported, happened with me, I was contacted by Irina through the site ?Expatriates Social Networking? -, where I had my profile, at the begin her approach it was normal we started to talk about normal things but after several days she ask me that it will be better we continues speaking by email. Until that moment nothing strange, but she starts to send me pictures of her and ask me pictures of me, but from one moment she has send me pictures of her more explicit and told that she is in love, and had a dream to meet me personally. That time, I was living in Qatar (Doha) and I told her, we would schedule a meeting in Dubai, what she said would be perfect, and from there start the story. She said, as you knew, she was teacher, and I didn't have money to pay the expenses, and asked me to send to her arround 1500 (USD), at the beginning I confess that I have almost believed in her conversation, but I did a click when she started to insist for I transfer the money, and at the same time she told me to transfer the money through the western union. I postponed several times , until she left to send me emails. To me it was a surprise to see here the same story and some of the pictures that she sent to me. I have still kept her emails and pictures that can prove everything I reported here, and I?m available to share that material in order to denounce one more tentative of scammer.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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