Scam report about Anastasia Sakeeva

First name:  Anastasia
Last name:  Sakeeva
Aka:  bardett_09
Age:  32
Location:  Russia, 624260 Asbest
Address:  47 Gontscharowa Street
On websites:
Report:  1) ME 2) I contacted her profile on the German Dating Website 3) From Aug. 31, 2013 until today (Nov. 06, 2013) 4) Some Mailbombs reached my E-Mail account, but might not be related 5) She just told me yesterday that all the paperwork for comming to Germany would cost 580 EUR and that she will not be able to afford that. Even the visa would cost 60 EUR, but an official German website of the German consulate ner her in Russia tells me the offical cost of just 35 EUR. And I started wondering, especially we had an newsprogram recently on German TV warning about scammers. (I even confronted her with that information [available on the web], she was angry within the next mail but continued writing me daily!!!) 6) and 7) I am NOT stupid and pretty well informed. Therefore, she was not able to send money order details yet. (Sorry.)

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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