SCAM REPORT ABOUT  sharon anderson

First name: sharon
Last name: anderson
Aka: uses christian terms rose of sheron! hibiscus flower
Age: 34?
Location: america. ? but in ghana
Address: too hotel manager for cash! francis luken 190? 194? airways road ghana post code.......?
Phone: unknownwould not give
Email: and another one is
On websites: mate 1. but almost sounds and acts same as another on and
Report:     All have a unique profile pictures they love you but I smelled rat the typo tex t seems to change as they start asking for money ! ????? It becomes primative spelling sloppy letters more bold as if she or he uses another computer that does not have spellchecker so in a hurry she can trash it? That Leeds me to believe she he ? Uses at times computers in forums or work !!!!!!!!! But chat in bold print bad spelling they must be home!!!? This person must know me because the site keeps appearing! Or she there was one woman ! She used and it's. Elizabeth Connell! User name on site sweetiepie. She had computer at her privite work ! Glassblowing artist her Google site has nothing but nude men picks I think she getsthem sent to her ! And puts them on the site she has plus she kept sending me porn ! I had too reeboot phone ! Please don't. Mention me she has my phone number she may crank call ! Do your cheaking it may help bye those others wanted $850. Another is nayemake Ekow ghana
Status of report: is still without proof