SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Nadezhda Aleksiuk

First name: Nadezhda
Last name: Aleksiuk
Age: 26
Location: Pervomaisk, Ukraine
Address: 38/18 Grushevskogo Street
Phone: Her Cell #: 38 095 9378161, Her travel agency's #: 38 096 6551168
On websites: Russian Cupid?
Report:     Nadya uses the classic travel/visa scam. She is very good at gaining trust to fraudulently obtain money from a man. She will spend much time and attention in building a romantic relationship only to obtain funds. She prefers to work with a travel agency in her hometown and a woman manager there named Alexandra Seleneva. Nadya will lie in letters and even on the telephone. She is very convincing. She has many photos to e-mail and will correspond daily via e-mail. She will give her phone number freely and communicate on the telephone convincingly. She speaks and writes English very well and knows some French. She is divorced and is age 26 and is a recent graduate of Nikolaiv State University. She works as a secretary and dance teacher at a school in her hometown of Pervomaisk. She lives in a multi-story apartment building with her divorced single mother Ludmila, and her cat Vasya. Father's name is Ruslan. He is not present. Nadya will use Western Union or any other fast funds transfer company to obtain funds. She has obtained over $2,000.00 USD to date. She uses her real name to pick up the money. She has a new Ukrainian travel visa and will send a scan of it to you if asked. She will ask for help with travel expenses to come visit you. If she receives any money, she will always ask for more. If she does not get her way, she uses guilt and even insults to obtain more cash. She is extremely persuasive and persistent. Be fore warned, do not believe her about anything.
Status of report: is still without proof