SCAM REPORT ABOUT  amanda kelly parker foote

First name: amanda kelly
Last name: parker foote
Aka: first name only used was malakingcock on skype
Age: 22 - 26
Location: phillipines and also miami
On websites: facebook and skype
Report:     her Skype name is Amanda Kelly parker foote also she uses malakingcock and also footeamanda she will ask you to vote her link and give you a website to go onto this website will ask for your credit card details and they say if you cancel before 30 days you will not be charged but Amanda Kelly parker foote as a way of getting your credit card details her self so she can use your credit card anytime she likes without you knowing about it until its to late .she will chat to you really nice to get you to sign up to the site she gives you
Status of report: is still without proof